While the effects of prolonged stress can seem scary, there are solutions you can put into place as a grandparent to help:


1) Choices

A child may challenge (rebel to) a grandparent’s new authority and control. With children in these difficult situations, they may feel as though they have no control over anything. Giving a child the space to assert themselves, while maintaining structure and discipline, can be beneficial because it allows them to be more involved in decision making. Giving children choices allows them to have some control over the things that happen to them.


2) Stable Environments

The transition of grandchildren moving in and settling in comes with some challenges. By establishing a routine, you and your grandchild will feel more secure and structure in this new phase of life. Try to keep life as normal as possible for both you and your grandchildren. External order supports children’s internal order. Children who are coming out of chaotic situations
prior to moving in with a grandparent may have difficulty adjusting. Be aware that this is a normal response for a child to have when adjusting to an unfamiliar environment. In addition, set clear behavior expectations for your child to follow. It may be beneficial to provide visuals for the rules, routines, and daily schedule so your grandchildren can predict what will happen next. This will reassure children of the stability of the situation.


3) Positive Relationships

Be positive in your care by providing support and empowerment. Empower the child to have a healthy self-esteem and positive image about themselves. Also, provide support for children to have a sense of purpose in any activities or learning they choose to engage in, especially in providing positivity towards their future.