Cabinet for Health and Family Services to Provide Financial Assistance to Relative Caregivers

On February 13th, the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) announced in a press release that they will start to provide financial assistance to relative caregivers and fictive kin.

What does this mean? Kentucky must pay relatives caregivers and fictive kin who serve as foster parents, the same as licensed foster parents. While the maintenance payments may vary, the caregivers will receive financial assistance of about $750 a month per child.

Are you eligible? To receive foster care maintenance payments the child must be placed in your care by the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS), after the October 2017 ruling. Yet, caregivers who have permanent custody of the children are not eligible for financial assistance.

If you are a relative caregiver or fictive kin caring for a child and believe you may be eligible for these payments, contact the Kinship Support Hotline at (877) 565-5608 or via e-mail at . Also, contact your social worker and keep a record of your communication.

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