Grandparents as Parents Conference

On September 11th, 2015, Children, Inc. and Trinity Episcopal Church will host a Grandparents as Parents Conference. This event is being held to raise awareness and support for grandparents and relative caregivers as parents of children in the Northern Kentucky community. According to 2013 U.S, Census Bureau Data, 6% or 56,000 children under age 18 live in Kentucky households where a grandparent is the primary care provider. In order to ensure grandparents and relatives receive the support they need to better care for children, Children, Inc., and Trinity Episcopal Church, and our partners have stepped up in support of the many families in kinship settings in our area. Together we hope to provide grandparents and relatives with information and support on adjusting to kinship settings.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Joseph Crumbley, will address issues including how to engage birth parents in kinship care and emotional issues in children adjusting to kinship settings. Attendants will also have the opportunity to receive free legal consultations, by appointment, from volunteer attorneys throughout the day.

All grandparents, relatives, and professionals are welcome.

Register for this event by clicking here.

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