Ask your school district about any school programs that may be available to you or your grandchild. Many schools have before or after school programs for working parents and caregivers. In addition, public schools have lunch programs that offer free and reduced lunch plans for children that qualify. During the enrollment process, ask the school about eligibility for school lunch programs and how to apply. Additional school programs could include: early intervention programs for additional support needs or homework assistance, such as tutoring. 

Family Resource & Youth Services Centers (FRYSCs)

  • Family Resource & Youth Services Centers (FRYSCs) are a part of many schools in Kentucky. These centers are designed to help the student succeed by providing assistance to the student and family in accessing community resources and providing programs within the school. 

  • Family Resource Center staff can direct you to programs that you may not otherwise know about, such as help with clothing, food banks, child care, health care, support groups and parenting programs.

  • Grandparents and relative caregivers can receive help from FRYSCs even if the child is not enrolled in school yet (such as infants, toddlers, and preschoolers).

  • Call your elementary, middle, or high school and ask for the Family Resource Center or Youth Services Center, or call the school district's main office to find out how to contact the FRYSC in your area.