1) What types of services do you provide?

2) How can I receive an application?

3) What documents do you need from me? What documents do you need to verify my identity? (Driver’s License, Social Security card, etc.) What documents do you need to verify my level of income? (Paycheck stubs, pension forms, Social Security check stubs, etc.) If I don’t have the documents, can someone at your agency help me get them or refer me to where I can get them? What documents do you need to verify my child’s identity? (Birth certificate, Social Security card, etc.)

4) What information do I have to provide to you? If I don’t have the proof I need to verify my identity or income, can I provide them to you later?

5) What forms do I need to complete?

6) If I cannot complete the application myself, can someone at your agency help me? Does your organization charge a fee for providing the help I need? If so, how much?

7) Once I have completed the application, will I need to schedule an appointment to meet with someone so they can review it? NOTE: if you make an appointment with the organization, plan to arrive 15 minutes before your meeting to fill out any forms they might need. Once the appointment is over, ask what the next step in the process will be, and how soon you can expect a decision.

8) How will I know when we have been approved for services?

9) When will I receive payment card or medical card?

10) How often do I have to update my records, and what is the process? Is it yearly review or every few months?

11) Do I have the right to appeal your decision, if I am unhappy with it?

12) If we move, or the child returns home, when do I need to notify you and how?

13) If I have additional questions, how do I reach you?

14) Can I have a copy of the policy regarding this program for my understanding and records?