Adult and Child Health (Dept for Public Health): 1(800) 462-6122

  • For information on child health and family health improvement programs.


Cabinet for Health and Family Services (Ombudsman): 1(800) 372-2973

  • For more information, questions, or to express concerns on CHFS programs. These programs include child protective services, adult protective services, child support, KTAP, Medicaid, SNAP, CCAP, WIC, and KCHIP.


Child Abuse/Adult Abuse: (877) 597-2331

  • To file an a report of any kind for child and/or adult abuse.


Child Care Resource and Referral: (877) 316-3552

  • Provides referral to child care resources in your area.


Child Support Info/Enforcement Hotline: 1 (800) 248-1163

  • For more information or questions concerning child support or enforcement. This number can be used to direct you where you need to go to gather information.


Department for Housing: 1(800) 669-9777

  • For information on fair housing rights and responsibilities and accepts complaints of housing discrimination. Also, provides general information on U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs.


Food and Drug Administration:1(800) FDA-4010

  • For more information on food, dietary supplements, and cosmetic safety, as well as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).


Food Stamp Case Changes Reporting: 1(800) 306-8959

  • To file a report of changes concerning food stamps.

Foster Care Information: 1 (800) 232-5437

  • For more information or questions concerning adoption or foster care in Kentucky. 


Home Health Agency Hotline:1(800) 635-6290

  • For more information or to file a complaint against your home health agency provider.


Immigrant Eligibility for Public Benefits: (859) 233-3840

  • For information and assistance to obtain green cards, family petitions, and citizenship. Also, helps provide U.S. Visa for foreign nationals who are victims of crime, violence, or trafficking.


Kentucky Patient Access and Care (KenPAC) or Medicaid Member Services: (800) 635-2570

  • For further assistance with managed care organization. These include: Aetna Better Health of Kentucky (formerly CoventryCares), Humana- CareSource, Anthem Health Plans of Kentucky, Passport Help Plan, and Wellcare of Kentucky. Also, for more information or questions related to the Medicaid program, including the Medicaid Waiver Management Application.

Kinship Families Coalition of Kentucky: (502) 895-8167

  • For more information, questions, or resources concerning kinship care in Kentucky. Kinship Families has additional information on supports for kinship families by county such as support groups, legal resources, and other community resources.


Kinship Support Hotline: (877) 565-5608

  • Offers supportive services including child care assistance, as well as links to support agencies for relative caregivers.


KY Physician's Care Program:1(800) 633-8100

  • For information regarding Kentucky's Health Insurance Exchange and other health resources in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Medicaid Ombudsman: (502) 564-5080

  • For more information on Medicaid or to file a complaint of unfair treatment in terms of Medicaid usage.

Parent Support Helpline: 1 (800) 244-5373

  • Offers free, confidential support 24 hours a day both to parents and child abuse victims, as well as information on local resources, child development, and report suspected abuse or neglect. 


Poison Emergency and Information: 1(800) 222-1222 or 1(800) 722-5725

  • For information on what to do if someone consumes or swallows a harmful substance.


State Health Insurance Assistance Program: (877) 293-7447

  • The State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) provides information, counseling and assistance to seniors and disabled individuals, their families and caregivers. Use this number to speak to a SHIP counselor in your local area or reach state SHIP Office.