Document anything that happens between you, your grandchild, and your grandchildren's parents. Write down all dates, times, and events related to the child and their parents. Keep a notebook handy to write down information as you think about it. Do this even when things are going fine. Journaling will be helpful if you have to go to court at a later date. 

Below is more information on what you should journal about:

Health information

  • Medicines

  • Doctor's appointments

  • Medical Provider contact information

  • Insurance information

  • Bills

School information 

  • Evaluations/ Grades

  • School visits

  • Information of a child's actions in school

  • Teacher information

  • Sports, clubs, and other activities

Department of Community Based Services and other social services

  • Contacts

  • Names

  • Dates of Communication

Legal documents

  • Order from court

  • Information about guardianship, custody, or adoption (any calls to the police should also be documented)

  • Any other notes about the child's behavior

While you may need to track all this information, it can serve as a checklist and a reliable record of what has happened. Having a good record is the best way to care for yourself and your grandchildren.