The role of transitioning from a grandparent to a parent is a big change. During this transition time, it is important for grandparents and other relatives to remember to take care of themselves in addition to the child. Self-care is extremely important- when the caregiver is take care of too, the children will be better off as well. Be aware that it is okay to have mixed feelings about taking the role of a caregiver and know that these are normal feelings to have. Make time for yourself and take care of your own health too. 

1) Balance- find time to rest and relax between work, home, and personal life. Take time to unplug from your busy schedule to relax.

2) Health- take care of your body. Make sure to eat, drink water, and get enough sleep. 

3) Be positive- while you may face challenges; make sure to keep a positive perspective. Find the positive and happy things in what you do. 

Remember to advocate for your grandchild and to advocate for your situation because others may be experiencing a similar situation as well. Do not be afraid to speak out for any resources, services, or additional help you or your grandchild may need. This could include advocating for additional education support, financial assistance, health care, legal resources, or other social support services. Remember that social connection can be a the best way to promote self-care and reduce stress. Support groups are a great place to meet others that are in a similar situation and share experience. Refer to the support groups back for more information on local support groups.