The most important steps to advocacy are to stay informed and be willing to act. The following has all the tools you need to be an effective advocate and find helpful tips on contacting and communicating with your elected officials and research you can use to make the case of the importance of kinship care. 

Events and News

The following has information including sources to keep you up-to-date on issues relating to kinship care news and events. 


Support Groups 

Local support groups can offer a space to work through problems and offer a network of support to others in your area also raising relatives. Also, support groups can offer parenting tips and information about programs and services in your area that could benefit you and your grandchild. 

Resources for Grandparents raising Grandchildren​

The information provided is a step-by-step guide on raising your grandchildren, specifically in Kentucky. The resources provided on this website will walk Grandparents through: first steps, health, finances, nutrition, education, emotional needs, navigating the legal system, and other resources for taking on the role of a primary caregiver. 

In addition, resources include forms to apply for birth certificates, social security, and Kentucky public assistance programs. 

To print the resource guide . . . 
Note: hard copies of the resource guide will be available soon.